Turtle Shop — How does it work?

Welcome to our shop! We offer exotic garments, large bags, mysterious engineering devices and much more to improve your experience on our server. If you want to help support our server and our staff, you've come to the right place: you have two options, and both are done through the same paypal address: [email protected]

If you'd like to purchase some items from your in-game companion Speedy, you need coins first! You can buy coins via PayPal. The ratio is 10:1, which means 1 Euro gives you 10 tokens. Please include your account name in the payment comment. You can donate tokens to your friends aswell, include the character name and add "Gift for character ..." as comment.

We have a scaling milestone donation system that starts from 30 Euro. Your support will be rewarded with a bonus of extra 5% tokens every 10 Euro, that scales up to a maximum of 100%. This bonus is calculated automatically, for each separate received donation.

Donations can take a few hours to process, be patient. You can talk to Speedy to spend your tokens, your current amount is shown in-game. If you don't include your account name, the funds will be considered a donation. Thank you for your continued support!

Note: all shop mounts are available starting Level 1 and have dynamic riding speed which scales as any other mount on Turtle WoW: speed increase equals to your level divided by 2. If you're Level 30, your riding speed w/o any additional buffs will be 15%.

  • Apprentice Riding: speed bonus 60%
  • Journeyman Riding: speed bonus 100%

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