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Greetings! We are Turtle WoW, a RP/PVE Vanilla WoW server. We do our best to provide a unique WoW experience to those players who love questing, community, and everything to do with PvE. We want this to be a stress free, rush free, fun, and cozy place to play the game we all love! Our goal is to maintain a long lasting, friendly community, which will stay together for several years.

To play on our server edit your realmlist.wtf file with: set realmlist logon.turtle-wow.org or download the replacement. Be sure to use a unique username & password which you have not used on any other server, in order to maintain account security.
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Class changes are coming in Patch 1.16.0

Since the start of Turtle WoW our mission has always been to provide a unique Vanilla experience by either picking up where Blizzard left off or, in this case, altering or enhancing certain existing aspects of the game to uphold current standards.

Since Turtle’s earliest days we’ve seen and heard players suggest class changes, all with differing opinions and viewpoints, each and every of these has been taken into account and we all wish to thank you for your passion and insights. After much deliberation, many discussions and lots of tinkering the Turtle Team would like to announce our upcoming class changes that are planned for 15.2. All of these changes are tentative and subject to change.

We want to welcome all of you to discuss & give constructive feedback on any changes made in this list.

New fully-interactive story expansion for Vanilla WoW

Prepare yourself for an all-new, never-told chapter in the story of World of Warcraft: a three-part expansion storyline that will lead you on adventures never had and to depths never visited!

This expansion takes a different path from Burning Crusade, emphasizing the familiar Azeroth of Vanilla WoW over the cosmic battle with the Legion. It's heavily based on the background lore from Warcraft 3 and Vanilla WoW, and seeks to follow some of the story threads from those games without breaking established lore.

In addition to new dungeons, raids, and zones, the expansion also features two new races. A group of greedy Goblins splits off from the Venture Company to join their fellow outcasts in the Horde, and High Elf refugees from the fall of Quel'Thalas lends their magical talents to the Alliance.

Prepare yourself for an all-new, never-told chapter in the story of World of Warcraft: a three-part expansion storyline that will lead you on adventures never had and to depths never visited.


Shrewd, greedy, and ruthless, goblins have a long-standing reputation for being neutral in the rest of the world, despite the Steamwheedle Cartel allying with the Old Horde during the Second War. Heroes of goblin society are not bastions of honor or integrity. Instead, goblins tend to admire the ruthless acquisition of profit, by any means necessary. Goblins are gifted engineers and accomplished seafarers, but are best known for their unabashed avarice.

High Elves

Long ago the exiled high elves founded Quel'Thalas, where they created a magical fount called the Sunwell. Though they were strengthened by its powers, they also grew increasingly dependent on them. Ages later the undead Scourge destroyed the Sunwell and most of the high elf population. Now these scattered refugees are seeking to find a new place in the world as they search for a cure to their painful addiction.

Existing content stays relevant!

We don't want to devalue the existing content of Vanilla WoW. Instead, new content from this expansion will run in parallel to existing vanilla wow content, starting at level 10 and running up to level 60 (which remains the max level).

Arena Skirmishes

Unranked (for now) Arena matches for those who want to settle their conflicts in a fair 2x2 battle!

New Class & Race combinations

Mastery over the arcane requires patience, dedication, and a burning ambition.

Client QoL improvements

You heard about pulling a rabbit out of the hat. How about pulling a horse out of the spellbook? Amongst other functions, Patch 1.15.2 brings with it a mount tab where you can store all your favorite mounts.

New locations & dungeons


Old tales and legends are coming true on Turtle WoW: mysterious forests and mountains of Gilijim's Isle are awaiting explorers to meet their dangers in patch Patch 1.15.2.

New items, hunter pets, mounts

Enhancing Vanilla experience by featuring new loot tables, new NPCs, new hunter pets, mounts and more!

New World Boss: Nerubian Overseer

Challenge a new world boss: Nerubian Overseer! Speak to a group of survivors on the entrance of Eastern Plaguelands and learn about the new menace cursing those lands. Visit forums and learn more about it and give a sneak peek to some of the loot.

New World Boss: Ostarius of Uldum

The search for the missing plates resumes! While you were off adventuring around Azeroth, High Explorer Magellas and Sage Truthseeker were hard at work at finding clues and new information on unlocking the Gates of Uldum.


Greetings! Don’t you love nature? Have you ever had a dream about setting your own garden? Here on Turtle WoW you’ll have your chance to make your dreams come true. Grow your own food: plant the seed, water it, foster it, and enjoy the results of your hard work once it’s fully grown! 🌿

New character customizations for all races!

Ancient protectors of the land, keepers of the forest... These are the titles we carry, and the duty we must uphold!

Mirage Raceway

Greetings, the fastest ones! We welcome everyone to visit the Grand Opening of Mirage Raceway on November 1st!


Peace and patience be with you, traveller. Remain strong as always. As usual, we are bringing back another discarded feature. This time it's the turn of taurens, because we are implementing Plainsrunning. Originally taurens were going to have this skill instead of kodo mounts... but now they can have both!

Survival Skill

Greetings! We’re bringing back another discontinued feature of Classic World of Warcraft: the old Secondary Skill: Survival.

City Protectors

We’re happy to announce the next "Sands of Time" implementation that Blizzard never published. If the PvP stage is active enough each week, 8 players will be granted the title of “City Protector”, and assigned each of them to their major city. City Protectors will receive in-game mail with City Protector’s Scrolls, allowing them to teleport to their homeland, with a cooldown of 60 minutes.

Paladin: Holy Strike

Today we bring good news for Paladins! Speak to Lord Grayson in Stormwind or Brandur Ironhammer in Ironforge: the first rank of Holy Strike is granted for completing a new class quest, Piercing Light. Other ranks are distributed via Librams.

Introducing: Barbershop!

Do your new fancy shoulderpads look awful with your hair? Would you rather not cover your amazing face with an ugly helmet? Don't worry! Find your local barber in Stormwind or Crossroads and buy some hair dyes.


Greetings! Today we’re happy to introduce a new upcoming feature for Turtle WoW: Transmogrification.

Join Forces: Become a Diplomat

General Drakkisath has been defeated, but this has only been the beginning of the problems that the residents of Azeroth are going to face from now on... Many are the voices that want to leave behind banal battles and join forces, finally, to survive the dangers that threaten the world. Those brave heroes who desire to be united, may become diplomats speaking with Karn Deepeye in Orgrimmar or Tarun Swifteagle in Stormwind.

Khadgar's Unlocking

Greetings! Did you know, that a long time ago, Mages were able to learn a spell created by the powerful Khadgar, called Khadgar's Unlocking? They were able to manipulate locks using some special keys and their magical powers.

Dishonorable Ranks

Greetings! For killing low level players or civilians, players will now be ranked negatively. We have added these dishonorable ranks: Dishonored, Exiled, Outlaw, Pariah. Have fun and be evil!


Continuing with the uniqueness of Turtle WoW, we have initiated a series of updates called Sands of Time, in which we plan to bring back to life cut content from the original game. Visit our forums to discover the first one and remember to clear your WDB folder!

Welcome to Winter Veil Vale!

Greetings, lovely turtles! We invite everyone to join the celebration in Dun Morogh, at Winter Veil Vale!

Druid: Glyphs

Greetings! Glyphs now a thing on Turtle WoW! If you have ideas or suggestions for your Class, let us know.


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