Class Changes:


Warrior in Vanilla is overpowered. Just straight up too powerful for the game. That being said, this just means that any change made to the class must down one of two things only: either optimize what doesn’t work but should for the class, or improve on suboptimal playstyles to allow for more options for the player. The changes proposed for the coming patch attempt to stick within those guidelines.

Changes to Baseline Spells

Thunderclap can now be used in Defensive Stance.

New Abilities


Requires: Requires Defensive Stance Cost: 10 Rage Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Run at high speed towards a party member, intercepting the next melee or ranged attack made against them.
Note: Shares a cooldown with Intercept.

Decisive Strike

Cost: 15 Rage Cast: 2 Seconds

Focus an attack equal to Slam (Rank 4) on an opponent. Can be cast while moving and will not suffer cast time pushback when taking damage.
Note: Credit to Wall (Video) of Wallcraft for his brilliant rework of Slam.
Note: The cast time of Decisive Strike is reduced by Improved Slam.

Die by the Sword


Increases your chance to parry attacks by 20% while under the effect of Retaliation.

Talent Changes


Improved Thunder Clap
Row 2, 3 Ranks
Reduces the cost of your Thunder Clap ability by 1/2/4 rage points and increases the damage by 20/40/60%.

Poleaxe Specialization
Row 5, 5 Ranks
Talent has been combined from Polearm Specialization and Axe Specialization.

Improved Disciplines NEW
Row 6, 3 Ranks
Reduces the cooldown of your Retaliation, Recklessness and Shield Wall abilities by 2/4/6 min.


Improved Shield Block
Talent has been reduced from 3 ranks down to 1 rank. Allows your Shield Block ability to block an additional attack and increases the duration by 1 second.