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From cute critters to valiant steeds and whirring shredders there is a new companian for everyone, now safely stored in your personal pets and mounts tabs found in your spellbook.

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Pounders of Gnomeregan

Building a Pounder isn't easy! But the most calculating and dedicated engineers will be able to prospect and use an Intact Pounder Mainframe, that will help them to assemble a real Gnomeregan Battle Pounder! Compatible models could be used for salvageable parts most likely.

New reputation reward for players exalted with the Ironforge
New reputation reward for players exalted with the Orgrimmar
New reputation reward for players exalted with the Thunder Bluff
New reputation rewards for players exalted with the Undercity
Aerie Peak Gryphon

Wildhammer Clan Quartermaster is now offering to their exalted allies a chance to befriend one of their great Aerie Peak Gryphon! Prove yourself and aid our allies!

mechanical Shredder

A work of mechanical terror, fueled by a desire to extract and exploit the natural wonders of Azeroth: Red Shredder X-0524A and Green Shredder X-0524B are ready to walk and s-s-shred everything on their way! Due to complications in use of those deadly machines are restricted for Engineers only.

Scrapforged Mechaspider

New reputation rewards for players Exalted with the Gnomeregan Exiles.

Happy hunting!

Examples listed above are just a fraction of our extensive collection.

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