Raids & Dungeons

From the depths of Karazhan Crypt to the corrupted wilds of Crescent Grove, new foes arise to threaten the world. Only by the combined might of the brave adventures do residents of Azeroth stand a chance.

Emerald Sanctum

Dungeon: 40 Man Level: 60 Difficulty: T2

A fog of corruption has descended upon the Emerald Dream, twisting the morals and intentions of even the noblest and purest. The corrupted Wakener is preparing to send a premature call of awakening; if not stopped, his kin will arise and go on a frenzied rampage across Azeroth.

Lower Karazhan Halls

Dungeon: 10 Man Level: 60 Difficulty: T1

Karazhan, once the towering stronghold of the former Guardian of Tirisfal, now hums with magical energy as it perches atop a powerful leyline. Its long-forgotten corridors, covered in dust, have become a haven for various creatures, though it appears that not all of its inhabitants have willingly departed. In the depths of the lower halls, Medivh's loyal castellan, Moroes, remains a vigilant guardian. If you manage to impress him, he may grant you access to the upper floors.

Caverns of Time: Black Morass

Dungeon: 5 Man Level: 60 Difficulty: Dire Maul+ Expected Clear Time: 1 Hour

Climb the spire that serves as the link between times past and present and prevent the Infinite Dragonflight from interfering with the one true timeline.

Karazhan Crypt

Dungeon: 5 Man Level: 60 Difficulty: Dire Maul+ Expected Clear Time: 1 - 1.5 Hours

Something is twisting the dead back to life in the forlorn catacombs, find the source so the dead may rest again.

Stormwind Vault

Dungeon: 5 Man Level: 60 Difficulty: Dire Maul+ Expected Clear Time: 40 Minutes

The Vault's runes of warding are weakening as the horrors within threaten Azeroth once again, you must venture down and stop these fiends once and for all.

Hateforge Quarry

Dungeon: 5 Man Level: 52-60 Difficulty: Early Blackrock Depths Expected Clear Time: 1 Hour

Hidden away at the northeastern walls of the Burning Steppes, the Hateforge Quarry is one of the new efforts the dark iron dwarves in search for a new weapon against their adversaries. Beyond the innocent look of the quarry hides an insidious cavern, where the shadowforge plot new schemes against all those that oppose them. Their plans cannot be allowed to come to fruition.

Gilneas City

Dungeon: 5 Man Level: 43-49 Difficulty: Zul'Farrak Expected Clear Time: 1 Hour

At the heart of this once-isolated land lies Gilneas City, which was once a bastion of hope for its people. Established after breaking free from the rule of the Arathorian lords, it stood as a symbol of resilience and prosperity. However, it is now a mere shell of its former beauty, with a dark presence casting a gripping shadow over Gilneas and serving as a reminder of its once glorious past. Distant howls echo through the city, haunting reminders of its new occupants. Yet, there is a possibility that not everyone is gone and that their accursed king may still live.

The Crescent Grove

Dungeon: 5 Man Level: 32-38 Difficulty: SM: Library Expected Clear Time: 1 Hour

Step foot into a hidden grove under the trees and find and eradicate the source of corruption within.

World Boss Concavius

Trouble is afoot in the Shadowbreak Ravine. The Twilight's Hammer have found that the interference of the Burning Legion's mortal lackeys is threatening the plans of their own dark masters. They have summoned the powerful Concavius, a voidwalker from the dark beyond, turning it against their enemies. However, such a creature will not stop with the Shadow Council. It will continue to devour all in its path unless stopped. Concavius is a 20+ man world boss designed for new max-level characters. In addition to the normal rewards you'll also be rewarded with a Void-Linked Satchel of Goods that contains many endgame materials.

World Boss Ostarius of Uldum

The gates of Uldum beckon, as both factions move to gather and combine the fragments of the discs of Uldum and finally set foot into the facility. Even with the discs reformed, the facility's security system has detected the curse of flesh's presence, locked down the entrance and deployed the first barrier to your journey below: Ostarius. Ostarius is a 40 man world boss designed for raiders in the Tier 2.5-Tier 3 range.

World Boss Nerubian Overseer

The terror of the plaguelands and the commander of all crypt friends that roam the Plaguelands, the Nerubian Overseer patrols the webweaver tunnels, preying on any adventurers foolish enough wander into the tunnels. Though with a coordinated strike, there is a chance this monstrosity could be brought down at last. Nerubian Overseer is a 40 man world boss designed for raiders in the Tier 2-Tier 2.5 range. In addition to the normal rewards, you can expect to get a nerubling companion of your own and a sizable reputation reward for the Argent Dawn from the quest found at the entrance of the Eastern Plaguelands.

World Boss Dark Reaver of Karazhan

The Dark Reaver of Karazhan stands vigil at the entrance of Lower Karazhan Halls, preventing any intrusion into his master's tower. If the secrets of Karazhan are to be unraveled, the way must be opened. Dark Reaver of Karazhan is a 40 man world boss designed for raiders in the Tier 1 range.

Cross-faction play (Nordanaar Only)

As ancient threats loom over Azeroth, many individuals among the races have chosen to cooperate rather than fight. Players of both factions can chat, group and trade cooperatively if they chose to do so, opening many new possibilities for questing, raiding or roleplay. Shaman's Totems and Paladin's Blessings also stack and don't override eachother, allowing them to be used in tandem. PvP and NPCs remain faction-locked, maintaining the unique faction identity that is an integral component of Vanilla.


Should luck favor you, you might encounter these new rare monsters out in the wilds of new locations and zones that have been introduced so far, though be wary as they won't go out without a fight. If you succeed you're sure to acquire one of many new items created just for these elusive adversaries, with a low chance for a trinket from a few and an even lower chance for an epic from the new mini world bosses of Gilijim and Lapidis Islands!