Player vs Player


From the sands of the Blood Ring to the timeless conflicts of Sunnyglade Valley, there are many opportunities to earn fame and glory for your faction.

General PvP Changes:

Warsong Gulch is open for the 1-1 and 2-9 level brackets!
Losers of specific Battlegrounds are rewarded accordingly to incentivize Battlegrounds.
Specific Battlegrounds reward XP under normal conditions.
RP decay and requirements for specific PvP ranks are dynamically scaled depending on gathered data.
Toggle XP gain off for gear collection without leaving your desired bracket!
Arathi Basin can be queued in the 21-29 level bracket.
Warsong Gulch: Capturing a flag now grants your team 108 reputation up from 35 reputation, amounting to 324 reputation if you capture all three flags to win the battleground.
Arathi Basin: The reputation points granted for gathering resources has been increased from 13 to 25 for each tick, amounting to 325 reputation with 13 ticks if you acquire enough resources to win the battleground.

No De-Ranking: Allowing breaks.

While we value the competitiveness of the Vanilla PvP system, we understand that the base system is too punishing for players who can't dedicate large amounts of time without breaks for PvP. As a result, PvP ranks will no longer drop due to decay. Decay will still occur, but your total amount of RP (Rank Points) will never drop below the minimum amount required for your current rank.

New Battleground:

Sunnyglade Valley

Sunnyglade Valley represents one of the largest clashes between the forces of the old Kingdom of Azeroth and the Horde during the First War. It is a 10v10 Domination Battleground with a focus on uncovering the mystery of the shifting of time through the exploration of the nearby woodlands, as well as the local mines to gather clues. Here you will be acting at the behest of the guardian of the timeways, the bronze dragon Vairozdormu, as an agent for the flight in their attempts to uncover the ongoing crisis threatening to alter the very fabric of history and the entirety of the modern world.

Blood Ring — 3v3 Unranked

Arena & New PvP Gear!

Earn reputation for Steamwheedle Blood Ring by doing matches and proving your worth in the bloody sands, rewards included.

Player vs Player Bounty Boards

You must kill the player listed as target to complete the quest. Group kills will not count. An active player with the highest amount of Honorable Kills on the Last Week will become a target of the Bounty Hunt for the opposite faction! Targets will be updated every Wednesday, for both, Horde and Alliance. The quest for each target is not repeatable.

City Protectors

“Defend the weak, protect both young and old, never desert your friends. Give justice to all, be fearless in battle and always ready to defend the right.”

If the PvP stage is active enough each week, 8 players will be granted the title of “City Protector”, and assigned each of them to their major city. City Protectors will receive in-game mail with City Protector’s Medallion, allowing them to teleport to their homeland, with a cooldown of 60 minutes.

Every week, the player with the highest amount of honorable kills from each playable race will be granted the following title in addition to their PvP rank:

Humans Protector of Stormwind
Orcs Overlord of Orgrimmar
Dwarves Thane of Ironforge
Night Elves High Sentinel of Darnassus
Undead Deathlord of the Undercity
Taurens Chieftain of Thunderbluff
Gnomes Avenger of Gnomeregan
Trolls Voodoo Boss of Sen'jin
High Elves Avenger of Quel'thalas
Goblins Bruiser of Sparkwater

Dishonorable Ranks

For killing low level players or civilians, players are ranked negatively. We have added these dishonorable ranks:

★   Dishonored
★   Exiled
★   Outlaw
★   Pariah
★   Have fun and be evil!

Challenge: War Mode

A new Glyph that permanently flags you for PvP in return for certain benefits: +20% for all experience gains.

Tel Abim is now an x2 rates realm!

This glyph will flag you for PvP combat permanently! Players can opt-out War Mode challenge once at the glyph master in starting zone or additionaly at level 60.