Hardcore Mode

Inspired by Diablo games and actual Hardcore Challenge of Classic realms, we welcome you to join the true test of your player's skills: leveling as a mortal being. The ultimate goal of this challenge is to reach level 60 without ever dying. Once you’re level 60, you can participate in raiding and PvP without a risk of losing your character. Mode can be removed upon reaching level 60 even if the remove chance is already used.

How does it work?

To join the challenge, create a character as usual and find the NPC named Mysterious Stranger in your starting location. Accept and complete the quest “Stay awhile and listen…” to become mortal. This decision is irreversible. Your bags, bank and mail items will be erased once you turn mortal.

You will automatically join a Hardcore chat channel that's only accessible by Hardcore and Inferno mode players to help you easily find players who are also leveling hardcore characters. This feature allows you to form independant guilds without losing contact with the Hardcore community at large.


When your character dies, the game ends for you. If you choose to create and play a hardcore character, you do so at your own risk: we will not restore any deceased hardcore characters for any reason including connection problems, bugs, global warming, your little sister, or any other reason whatsoever.

Dead characters will remain locked on a selection screen unavailable for playing. As long as you don’t delete them, characters above level 10 will be displayed on our scoreboard.

You will be able to trade items and gold only with other Hardcore characters as long as the difference between your levels isn’t higher than 5.

You will be able to group up only with other Hardcore characters as long as the difference between your levels isn’t higher than 5.

Hardcore characters can not trade, nor buy on Auction House.

Hardcore characters can use mail, but with no attachments.

It is strictly forbidden to multibox if either of your characters is undergoing a Hardcore challenge.

Hardcore characters are not permitted to get assistance from players outside of their group.

Inferno Mode

Otherwise known as HC60, this is the max-level continuation of the Hardcore challenge! Upon reaching level 55, an attunement questline will be unlocked which allows players to opt-in to Inferno Mode. Upon completion of the questline, players will gain a [Inferno] effect, allowing them to continue their Hardcore challenge at max level, and remain part of the Hardcore ecosystem.


At level 60 you will be awarded with the title “Immortal”, unique tabard and a mount [Immortal Champion's Charger]

Customer service

will not revive

a fallen hero for any reason

Stay safe!