Transport Routes

By creating new transport routes and flight paths, the Horde and Alliance can now access even the farthest corners of the world. Including those undeservedly forgotten.

New Flight Paths

Dun Agrath

A quaint farming village nestled in the high ridges of the Wetlands. Unlocked by discovering Menethil Harbor.

Mosh'ogg Refuge

The ogre clan of Mosh’ogg is home to Gilijim’s Isle and locked in an eternal conflict with the remaining troll tribes, struggling for dominance on the island. Unlocked by discovering Booty Bay.

Ironforge Airfield

Vital for many supply lines within Alliance territories, this icy plateau overlooks Dun Morogh and acts as a base for Ironforge’s mountaineers. Unlocked by discovering Ironforge.


Newly established city in the Northern Eastern Kingdoms that the High Elves now call their home.

Caelan's Rest

Shipwrecked on the shores of Lapidis Isle, these stout survivors from Kul Tiras fight tooth and nail on this hostile island surrounded by foes and traitors alike. Unlocked by discovering Booty Bay.


As Nordrassil heals from demonic corruption, new threats emerge from the shadows. Druids of Hyjal have gathered in the ancient shrine of Nordanaar and lead the efforts to stop the Emerald Nightmare.

Ravenshire, Gilneas

The heart of the Ravenwood Rebellion, last bastion of resistance against tyranny of the Greymane dynasty.

Stillward Church

Ravaged by the Greymane forces in the past, this abandoned church now serves as a main military base for the Forsaken in Gilneas.

Bael Hardul

Dwarven outpost in Stonetalon Mountains estabilished during the events of Warcraft 3, now reclaimed by the Explorers' League.

New Boat Routes

Stormwind Harbor Auberdine
Sparkwater Port Revantusk Village

New Zeppelin Routes

Orgrimmar Thunder Bluff
Orgrimmar Kargath