This fully-fledged profession introduces over 200 new items for you to craft, with recipes obtained from trainers, found in the world, and through exclusive questlines for Jewelcrafters that reward a unique recipe upon completion! Begin your jewelcrafting journey at the trainers located in Stormwind, Ironforge, and Alah'Thalas for the Alliance, or Orgrimmar, Undercity, and Sparkwater Port for the Horde.

What can jewelcrafters expect? Rings, necklaces, staves, trinkets, off-hand frills, helmets, and notably, gemstones—details to follow. Not all items will be available immediately and will unlock as you progress in the profession. Expect new trade goods such as gritted papers, polishing oils, and new jewels like Amber Topaz and Pure Moonstone, to name a few. Jewelcrafting demands collaboration! Some materials will require assistance from other professions, such as Enchanted Gemstone Oils provided by Enchanters.


The profession also introduces two new sub-specializations: Goldsmith and Gemology. You can choose one of these specializations upon reaching a skill level of 225 and character level 40, after completing a related questline, similar to other specializations.

Goldsmiths focus on crafting equipment such as necklaces, rings, bracers, and staves, with most powerful items, such as Epics, exclusive to this specialization.

Gemologists specialize in unique gemstones, empowering necklaces and rings with various effects. Almost all gemstones are exclusive to this specialization.

Concerned about finding enough gems? We’re hosting a Gem Rush event until the release of Patch 1.17.2, which doubles the drop chances for most gemstones, with a few exceptions.

Post-release, all Jewelcrafters will be able to craft Gemstone Clusters, enabling the recycling of materials to acquire more jewels than typically possible through mining.

Additionally, rare Gemstone Deposits will now appear in the world. These deposits can replace thorium veins and require a Mining skill of 310. Mining these deposits can yield various gems from different tiers, but most notably, they guarantee an Imperial Topaz, a key material for both Gemology and Goldsmith specializations, akin to Black Lotus and vital for high-level crafts.